Brand upgrading, talent development, origin certification, venue rental and many more.
Our professional services lead your business to new horizons.

Upgrade Your Brand Profile

Hong Kong Q-Mark Certification Schemes

Being a household name in Chinese communities, “Q-Mark” symbolizes superior quality products and services. Q-Mark certification holders undoubtedly win the confidence of customers.

Hong Kong D-Mark Certification Scheme

Design is an expression of innovative ideas, which can make your products stand out from others. The “D-Mark Certification Scheme” recognises enterprises that add value to products and services by harnessing quality designs.

Build a Team of Talent

Talent helps fuel the growth of enterprises. Our Training Centre offers practical courses and workshops in the field of e-Commence, business management, brand building and more, which assist industrial and commercial enterprises and their employees in enhancing their competitiveness.

Do Business with Ease

Event Management and Rental

We provide one-stop event coordination and management services, paying attention to the smallest details. With our professional arrangements, you could easily impress your participants.

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