The results of 2021 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions (the “2021 Exhibition”) was announced today (22 March). Due to global pandemic, the 2021 Exhibition was held in virtual format from 10 to 14 March, where inventors submitted their inventions to a panel of judges via a 3-minute video. About 600 inventions from 20 countries and regions were judged on the online platform. This year, Hong Kong Startup Council under the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”) organised for 136-team delegation  from Hong Kong to participate in the 2021 Exhibition. The delegation was convened by Ir Prof. Andrew Young, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Startup Council, who have led Hong Kong delegations to the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions since 2003.

The International Jury of the 2021 Exhibition announced the results to all participants today where Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal were awarded to outstanding inventors. This year, Hong Kong teams secured 14 Gold Medals with Congratulations of the Jury, including entries from City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited, The University of Hong Kong and Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited. Amongst these awardees, the Flu-based COVID-19 vaccine developed by The University of Hong Kong, and the kNOw Touch - Contactless Elevator Control Panel developed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council are directly related to address the needs of the current pandemic.

Mr Jean-luc Vincent, founding President of The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva said, “Despite the global community under the immense pressure of the pandemic, we were very impressed by the tremendous effort made by the international invention community. The number of entries remained high and no effort was spared in their continuation of pursue of excellence. The participation from Mainland China and Hong Kong remained strong. In particular, the Hong Kong delegation is to be congratulated for showcasing a large contingent of inventors participating and presenting excellent quality inventions with research backing from the R&D and tech community.”

Mr David Taji Farouki, President of the International Jury said, “The Jury Panel was very impressed with the inventions presented by the Hong Kong entries where several are targeted to provide innovative solution towards the pandemic, including Flu-based COVID-19 Vaccine, Contactless Elevator Control Panel and Robotics Mask Dispenser. Over the years, we have witnessed several outstanding inventions from Hong Kong winning the much-coveted Grands Prix of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions. Hong Kong has achieved this honour more often than other countries.”

Ir Prof. Andrew Young, the convenor of Hong Kong delegation to 2021 Exhibition said, “In winning 14 Gold Medals with Congratulations of the Jury, more than half of the total, it is very pleasing to see Hong Kong’s innovations shining in an international arena. Such outstanding achievements are set to become key drivers to address Hong Kong’s imminent need to focus on innovation and technology as the cornerstone for our future economic development.”

Dr Daniel Yip, Chairman of the FHKI congratulated FHKI members on their achievements and said, “We are thrilled to see six member companies of FHKI receiving two Gold Medals with Congratulations of the Jury, five Gold Medals and one Silver Medal. This is an excellent demonstration of Hong Kong’s manufacturing enterprises' capacity in technological innovation and high value-add product development. We look forward to seeing more enterprises join our force in the pursuit of advanced manufacturing industries and lead Hong Kong to excel in re-industrialisation.”

List of Awardees from the Members of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries


Awarded Entry

Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury

Tung Hing Automation Investment Limited and Hong Kong Productivity Council

Electrically-Assisted Free Forming (EAFF) Technology for Customisation of Sheet Metal Parts

Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited

Sirius – the first robotic flexible endoscope system

Gold Medal

GOA International Limited and Hong Kong Productivity Council

Hybrid Laser Energy Deposition and Milling Technology

Intelligent Precision Micro-Systems Limited

Robotic mask dispenser

Sino Innovation Laboratory Limited

Mobile indoor air quality (IAQ) robot


Tung Hing Automation Investment Limited

Smart Pressure Control Polishing Machine (DJ-RAP)

Silver Medal

Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited



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