Legislative Council Representative - Industrial (First)

FHKI Titles

The Hon Andrew Leung is the Legislative Council Representative and Honorary President of FHKI.


Experiences & Honours

The Hon Andrew Leung has over 40 years experiences in textile manufacturing. Since his return from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong in 1980s, he aspired to digitalise traditional textile manufacturing business in a bid to enhance productivity, and aggressively developed new products, making his factory became the first one in Hong Kong to introduce a woollen jersey with knitting in 6 colour. Over the years, he insisted to reserve the most valuable part of the production line in Hong Kong, together with the manufacturing plant in the Mainland, export products to all over the world.


Academic & Professional Qualification

The Hon Andrew Leung graduated from Leeds University, United Kingdom in 1973, and acquired Honorary Doctor of Business Administration from Coventry University, United Kingdom in 2010.

He is a Fellow of Clothing & Footwear Institute, United Kingdom, and a Fellow of Textiles Institute, United Kingdom.


Public Services

  • President, Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Honorary Chairman, Textile Council of Hong Kong
  • Member, National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
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