How to win the battle against IP infringement? FHKI Intellectual Property Centre provides free consultation and professional services to safeguard your valuable ideas.

Trademark, Patent and Design Registration

Specialists from our Intellectual Property Centre collaborate with partners from 100+ countries and regions to provide one-stop services which include free consultation, application strategy review, trademark/patent search, trademark/patent/design application, infringement analysis, IP licensing and assignment recordal and more.(For More Detail)

Expert Advice on Patent Application Grant(PAG)

The Patent Application Grant(PAG) launched by the HKSAR Government subsidies local enterprises and individuals for patent applications in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. Like to know if you are eligible? We provide free consultation to help you make optimal use of resources.(For More Detail)

Copyright Depository

As the only organisation providing copyright depository service in Hong Kong, we serve as a neutral third party to file your original creation for proof of authorship and ownership.(For More Detail)

Join “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme

Gain consumers’ confidence and build a trustworthy image simply by joining the “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme. As the issuing body of the scheme, FHKI Intellectual Property Council provides professional and speedy services to you.(For More Detail)

Our Centre work closely with the HKSAR Government including the Intellectual Property Department, the Customs & Excise Department, the Trade and Industry Department and other trade associations in promoting intellectual property rights awareness.

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