The uncertainty under the intensified Sino-US trade war and Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the weakness of globalization of supply chain. Many enterprises have realised the importance of integrating the disparate processes and building a resilient supply chain for risk management. A webinar featured “Building a Resilient Supply Chain through Smart Manufacturing” was therefore organised by FHKI and SAP on 1 December to introduce members the technology updates.

Three SAP representatives, Mr Andrew Ling, Mr Greg Wong and Mr Simon Chan joined this webinar as guest-speakers. Mr Greg Wong introduced how Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) and Intelligent RPA could help achieving automation manufacturing workflow and improving operational efficiency by predicting and analysing the workflow. Mr Simon Chan explained Intelligent RPA could reduce operation cost by eliminating repetitive processes. A full picture of how Industry 4.0 factory using SAP system to reduce manpower was illustrated by guest-speakers.

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