In Industry 4.0, digitalization of manufacturing is enabling the convergence of the digital and physical worlds and is transforming the way industry functions, follows with the emergence of 24-hour Unmanned Factory. A webinar featured “Industry 4.0 – 24 Hour Unmanned Factory” was therefore organised by FHKI Group 7 (Fabricated metal products and iron, steel and non-ferrous metal basic industries and machinery) on 22 October to introduce members the technology updates.

In this webinar, guest-speaker T. John Koo, Director of Cyber-Physical Systems, ASTRI, was invited to introduce our members the differences of Digital Twin with Physical Twin, and how it helps to design and control manufacturing workflow to reduce manpower and production lead time. Dr Koo also illustrated with real-life applications of Collaborative Mobile Manipulator and Welding Robot, as well as the transformational journey and roadmap in achieving a 24-hour Unmanned Factory.

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