To help grassroots families tide over the difficulties, the Committee on Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR Committee”) of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”) organised “Food Donation Action 2021” to donate 1,200 lucky bags to 5 local foodbanks and non-government organisations during the Easter holiday, sharing warm wishes over the city. The donation covered users such as low-income people, deprived families, and the elderly.

Dr Daniel Yip, Chairman of FHKI led deputy chairmen and GC members took lead to pack food and materials, delivered lucky bags to social welfare organisations including Food Grace, Sheng Kung Hui “Blessed food”, St. James' Settlement “Kindness Centre”, Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Sherltered Workshop (delivered by Foodlink Foundation) and distributed to grassroots families in various districts as soon as possible, contributing to the society and embodying the spirits of mutual help and love among Hong Kong people.

Special thanks to Lee Kum Kee and Golden Resources for giving bottled soy sauce and Golden Elephant Brand Green Bean Vermicelli. FHKI would also like to thank other members for their donations such as Demae Iccho, orange, EDO biscuit, and a large number anti-epidemic transparent mask, cooling patch and Maskeeper.

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