14-11-2019 - 16-11-2019

FHKI Chairman Dr Daniel Yip, FHKI Deputy Chairman and PRD Council Chairman Steve Chuang, and MAC Committee Chairman Sze Kam-Shing had organised a mission to Quanzhou, Fujian from 14 Nov to 16 Nov. 

On the first day, the delegation went to Anxi County to visit a Hong Kong-owned enterprise Kaiying Power Supply Co Ltd. The next day, the delegation visited China CRRC Co Ltd, Fujian Made of New Material Ltd, Maritime Silk Road Ecological Park, Maritime Silk Road Art Park-Asia Park, Kaiyuan Temple, and Taiwanese Investment Zone Planning Museum. On the third day, the delegation visited the Weinan Institute of Technology in Shishi County to learn about the school-running situation and the school-enterprise cooperation in cultivating talents.

During the trip the delegation further discovered Quanzhou, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, and learn more about the development of the cities along the Belt and Road for new business opportunities.


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