Mr Ricky Chan, Executive Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) and Chairman of the International Affairs Committee, along with Mr Gary Lau, Deputy Chairman of FHKI and Chairman of the Belt and Road Committee, warmly received Mr Didier DENAYER, Business Development & Technology Consul of the Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong on 7 February, 2024.

In the course of their meeting, Mr. Chan provided an insightful overview of the FHKI's role and initiatives, while Mr. DENAYER shared updates on Belgium's economic progress. The discussions that followed were fruitful, focusing on identifying and developing areas of mutual interest for collaboration between Hong Kong and Belgium, particularly in the logistics and biotechnology sectors.

Looking ahead, plans are in place to bring together biotechnology experts from both regions to further investigate collaborative opportunities and to host webinars aimed at fostering interest and attracting foreign investment in the near future.

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