The annual flagship event of the sport community – Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024 (SCHKM2024) was concluded successfully on 21 January 2024. Resuming to its scale before the pandemic, SCHKM2024 continues to be the city’s largest long distance running event.


23 runners from FHKI participated in the marathon, doubling the number of the previous year! Runners includes the Deputy Chairman of FHKI, Mr Jude Chow and Mr Peter Shum along with other members. They joined the Marathon Charity Programme, which was collaborated by the Standard Chartered Hong Kong and the Hong Kong, China Association of Athletics Affiliates Limited. It provides  support to those in need from the runners and the society.


We are proud that FHKI runners injected their industrial strength into the community, sweating for fundraising through local charitable organisations. We aniticipate more runners to join us next year!






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