【2023 Joint Business Community Luncheon with the Hon John KC Lee, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR】

The 2023 Hong Kong Business Joint Luncheon was a resounding success, taking place at the Island Shangri-La Hotel on November 16, 2023. The event was graced by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Hon John KC Lee, who had recently delivered his "Policy Address 2023". The luncheon provided a platform for him to share his policy directions and engage in insightful discussions with nearly 200 representatives from the business community.

Mr Steve Chuang, FHKI Chairman, was invited to  speak at the luncheon and introduce the Chief Executive. In his remarks, Mr Chuang applauded the Chief Executive's long-term vision for cultivating I&T, new industrialisation, and his efforts in uncovering new growth areas. He also recognised the Government's proactive approach in proposing practical measures to invigorate Hong Kong's economy, enhance competitiveness, and tackle long-standing challenges, particularly during these economically challenging times. 

Mr Anthony Lam, FHKI Executive Deputy Chairman, had the opportunity to engage directly with the Chief Executive during the Q&A session. He sought more information about the establishment of the New Industrialisation Development Office and the initiation of a $10 billion New Industrialisation Acceleration Scheme. He was particularly interested in how this office would leverage innovation and technology to aid businesses, including those in traditional sectors, in their transformation. Mr Lam also inquired about potential plans to expedite the development of the Northern Metropolis area. In response, the Chief Executive expressed his commitment to maintaining close communication with all sectors to stabilise economic development.

FHKI is delighted to have participated in this landmark event, contributing to a vibrant dialogue on the latest developments and challenges. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities to collaborate with the Government and our industry partners for the betterment of our community.

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