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  • NEWS

    12 February 2017

    The FHKI made its First Crossover Co-create Brand MOZACCO debut at 

    Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2017


    MOZACCO, the first Crossover Co-create Brand of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), made its debut this (Sunday) morning at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2017. Around 50 FHKI leadership and member runners put on the set of sports gear of the MOZACCO Runners’ Kit to participate in the 10 km, Half Marathon and Marathon races. The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So also joined the 10km race to show his support to this Crossover Co-create project.

    To forge cross-sectoral co-operation in order to open up new business opportunities and attain transformation and upgrading for Hong Kong enterprises, the FHKI took the initiative to draw collaboration among local designers, manufacturers, athletes and professionals of other sectors to join hands to co-create MOZZACO. This also promotes the vibrant and innovative Hong Kong Inc spirit. 

    FHKI Chairman Prof Daniel M Cheng said, “With the aim to promoting original Hong Kong brands and showcasing the distinguished creativity, design and quality of local businesses, the cross-sectoral project offers manufacturers and designers a co-operation platform that can encourage enterprises to leverage their creativity and inject new vigour into Hong Kong industries.”

    He explained that choosing the Standard Chartered Marathon as the occasion for the debut of MOZACCO is to demonstrate the vibrancy and positive energy of this co-create brand. This also helps to promote more Hong Kong people to take up exercise for good health and strong body.

    FHKI Deputy Chairman cum Project Chairman Prof Eric C Yim said, “The brand name MOZACCO derives from mosaic, an assemblage of many small pieces of patterns to create an exquisite art. MOZACCO symbolises how cross-sectoral co-operations can bring forward boundless possibilities for fruitful co-creations.”

    The first collection of MOZACCO features a set of sports gear that includes athletic apparel, windbreakers, compression pants, sunglasses, visors, headphones, watches, duffle bags and waist belts. The use of classic black as the main colour palette and the unique mosaic-like pattern of MOZACCO dovetail with the collection’s design ethos – to bring comfort and style to the body in motion. The collection will bring wearers extra lightness to boost their athletic performance.

    Prof Yim explained that the FHKI embarked on the cross-sectoral project in November 2015, aiming to stimulate crossover synergies among the local design and manufacturing sectors. It has spent over a year’s time on the project to progress from recruitment, brand development, product design, creating prototypes, production to product launch. 

    He added that in the co-create process, a cadre of industrialists and designers gathered together to explore how they could leverage different materials, designs and functions to develop a new set of crossover products that cater for the needs of athletes. The industrialists’ participation was not limited to manufacturing of the products, they also worked closely with designers in material selection and developing prototypes. On the other hand, designers also offered advice and assistance in areas of production, marketing and product photography. 

    Cross-sectoral co-operations can reap remarkable benefits and business opportunities across industries. “Design and innovation are key drivers for industrial transformation and upgrading. The FHKI therefore encourages industries to explore the possibilities of cross-sectoral co-operations that can lead to innovative products, services and business models. When innovative thinking of creative industries added to the expertise and production experience of manufacturing industries, abundant opportunities will emerge, in particular for the development of high value-added business. It can also encourage Hong Kong companies to adopt local creative ideas and designs, thereby creating promising momentum and opportunities for local creative industries and talent,” Prof Cheng noted.


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