On 15 November 2019, the Chinese Government announced “the Guideline of Promoting the Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing with the Modern Services Sector”, highlights are as follows:

    1. cultivating new modes of integration and development, e.g. promoting the construction of smart factories, accelerating the innovative application of the industrial internet, developing shared production platforms, etc.;
    2. exploring the integration of key industries and key areas, e.g. accelerating the integration of the raw material industry and the service sector, promoting the integration of the consumer industry and the service sector, deepening the integration of the manufacturing and service sectors with the Internet, etc.; and
    3. strengthening supporting measures, e.g. improving existing measures to support industrial development, increasing land supply and making good use of idle land, improving financing arrangements, etc.

For details, please see:
“Guideline to Integrate Industry and Modern Services”

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