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  • Trademark

    Trademark can be word, letter, number or pattern, or any combination of these elements. It can also be 3-D shape, color, sound or smell.

    Approval Requirements

    A trademark applying for registration must be distinctive, and the public must be able to distinguish one trader from another. If a trademark involves geographical name or description of a specific product or service, objection may be raised by the approval authority.

    Trademark Registration Information and Filing Procedure in Hong Kong
    (click here to see the details)

    Trademark Registration Information and Filing Procedure in China
    (click here to see the details)

    Owner’s Right

    It is a violation of law if a registered trademark is used in one's products and/or services without the permission of the trademark owner. The trademark owner may take legal action to stop further infringement and claim for damages from the infringer.

    How to Show Your Right of a Registered Trademark?

    In order to protect the product and let the public know that the mark has been registered, the trademark owner could print the symbol ® next to the registered trademark.

    What is Infringement?

    Infringement may have occurred if a mark is the same or substantially similar to a registered trademark, or a third party copies or counterfeits a registered trademark without consent.

    Please contact (852) 2732 3117 / 2732 3180 for details or further information.


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