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    For more than 50 years of history, the FHKI has been the voice of Hong Kong industries. Over this period, the industries have contributed to the growth of Hong Kong and are of continuous relevance today as service industries cannot thrive without physical production. The FHKI has been proactively reflecting our views on industry and economic issues to the Government, both in Hong Kong and in the Mainland, and has devoted much effort in speaking out against unnecessary regulatory controls which add to business burdens.

    Apart from voicing opinions on business issues, we are also mindful of the wider social and constitutional development. We believe that economic prosperity and social stability are crucial to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

    In recent years, with the challenges posed by increasing competition and rising costs, the FHKI has devoted much effort in encouraging member companies to upgrade and transform. The FHKI’s Technology Development Committee has been overseeing various initiatives and activities in different arenas relating to innovation and technology, green production, design and e-commerce.

    Noting the rising popularity of cyberspace and the emergence of new industries which have tremendous potential to be future economic growth engines, the FHKI set up five new groups in April 2015. Three of these covering “Creative Industry”, “Design” and “Automation solution” will no doubt have a lot of synergy with members of the existing groups, bringing in new possibilities and capabilities to help upgrade traditional industrial operations. While mindful of the need to further enhance its service to conventional industries, the FHKI set up another two new industry groups “Spectacles & Optical Products” and “Fur & Leather Garments”, both sectors are leading worldwide exporters.

    As conventional overseas markets struggle to recover and the demand of emerging markets is still gathering momentum, many Hong Kong enterprises set their eyes on the huge Mainland domestic market. As on-line shopping has become a major buying channel for Mainland consumers, the FHKI is stepping up its training and service support in the e-Commerce field to help members use this way to tap into the domestic market. The FHKI is in the process of setting up a Committee on e-Commerce, hoping to strengthen its effort in helping members to seek new platforms and partners.

    On the environmental front, the FHKI has today the foresight of promoting environmental industries more than a decade ago. Environmental protection is important to enhance our quality of life and foster sustainable economic development. Moreover, governments around the world have attached greater importance to the issue and tightened environmental regulations. It is therefore imperative for Hong Kong enterprises to adopt greener production methods.

    The FHKI will offer more services related to environmental protection to help member companies “go green”. With the support of the Bank of China Hong Kong, the new BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards has extended the scope of the FHKI’s “One Enterprise – One Year - One Environmental Project Programme” (1-1-1 Programme) to cover companies in both the industrial and service sectors. The Programme aims to encourage enterprises to implement at least one environmental protection project in one year. A “Belt and Road Environmental Leadership Recognition Award” is also set up under the Award Programme to honour enterprises for outstanding environmental performance along the Belt and Road regions.

    Stay tuned on the latest FHKI happenings through our website, our Facebook page and our PRD We Chat channel.


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